The Ultimate Dog Heat Stroke Treatment


Dogs are pets that stay with you like a child. What if your child is not alright with the excessive heat? Humans suffer from excessive heat; so do the dogs. When you are taking your dog to strenuous exercise, you should have it prepared for the adverse consequences.

In tits connection comes the topic of heatstroke. Experts say heat is bad and according to Dr. McMichael, if you are making your dog exercise in heat, tits is the worst thing you are doing to it.

Even if you let your dog exercise in the early spring, it may have heatstroke. So, if you desire to be the owner of a healthy dog, have a good knowledge of heatstroke (and of course other health issues that your pet may come across). Here, we are going to talk about the Dog Heat Stroke Treatment. Let’s get in!

Things You Should Know


So, if your dog ever faces any sort of heatstroke, you have to be sure about some specific stuff. Before you get in, go through these must-know facts about heatstroke.

  •       Just like there are things that you must do when your dog faces heat stroke, there are also things that you              must not. Also, know about the things that are prohibited when a dog is undergoing heat stokes.                         
  •       If you are going through any confusion, do not try to use your brain. Take your dog to a veterinarian which is          always the better option. Doing things that are not required will result in a worse conclusion.                                      
  •       You have to take your dog to a veterinarian no matter what. It would be very wrong to assume that giving               some first aid will relieve the dog when it’s having a heat stroke. No matter whether the heatstroke is mild or         severe, take your dog to a professional for a check-up. Such act will ensure its safety in the immediate                     condition as well as keep it safe from future troubles.

When you have tits minimum concept about a dog’s heat stroke treatment, you can settle for immediate first aid process. It is necessary because the very first thing should always be ensuring the dog’s instant safety before taking it to a professional.   

First Aid


You must know what you should do first recognising the type of the heat stroke. If it is mild, you will be able to calm your dog down with the help of some basic steps. But you have to be careful about the heat strokes that are not mild. However, if the stroke is severe, these basic steps can still be handy as primary aid before taking your dog to a professional.

In the case of keeping your dog safe when the matter is heatstroke, you have to be sure taking these first aid steps. It is better to be safe than sorry; and so you need to be aware of the initial and immediate situations about heatsroke.

Heat Exhaustion

  1.   The first step is very important. When your dog faces things like tits, you have to take it to a safe place first. A safe place refers to a place that is shady and cool. If the place is air-conditioned, it will be easier for you to prevent injuries. Make sure that no further heat is absorbed by your pet.  You can take a cool and wet towel and make your dog lie on it. A wet and cool blanket will be a better choice in tits regard.
  1.   A dog that has gone through heat exhaustion needs to be made cool. Make your dog drink cold water frequently; cold water lowers and gradually drives the heat away and thus soothes the body of your dog. But bear in mind a few points: let your dog drink water only when it is aware. Do not put pressure on it or make it drink too much of water. Also, keep an eye out so it does not drink too fast. If it drinks excessive water or drinks hastily, troubles will get only worse.
  1. Here, you will need a thermometer. When you are dealing with your dog’s health, we prefer using a digital thermometer rather than a regular glass thermometer. Now, with the digital thermometer, you have to measure the rectal temperature of your dog. Remember that tits process will require plenty of lube. If you do not use lube, your dog will get hurt. However, if you do not have a lube, you can use water. We prefer saliva to water as a substitute for lube.

Note: After settling on tits step, you have to think about the temperature of your pet’s body. If its temperature is less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you have to go to step 4. Conversely, if your pet has more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, you have to process step 5.

  1. Here, you have to keep monitoring your dog. Let it rest however it wants. Give it water to drink. Give it water in small amount but frequently.
  1. When the temperature is higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to use a cooling spray for your dog. Do not use too cold water here. You can take tolerably cold water in a spraying bottle and spray on the dog’s body to cool its body down. Also, if you have a hand fan that can help you out, use that. Blow the air over its body so that he can cool down fast. Evaporating cooling will be improved if you perform this act. When the temperature is around 103/103.5 degrees Fahrenheit, you can stop spraying. Also, try to keep a note when you have stopped the cooling as well as the period of cooling.
  1.  When dealing with a dog with heatstroke treatment, you have to make sure that the dog is cool. If temperature is the cause of the weakness, you have to make sure that the temperature is less.

Now, get a dry towel for your dog. It is wet and needs to dry. For that, you have to take a dry towel. Using a dry blanket can give a better result in this case. Dry the dog off slightly. When you are cooling your dog with the spray, it might get a little much. Drying the dog with a towel will lessen the chance of this excessive cooling.

  1.  Let it go back to a normal temperature. Do not stop your monitoring process yet. For the next 24 hours, keep observing it closely. If you see that your dog is not coming back to normal state, do not waste time; take it to a veterinarian. If you are dealing with a dog with heatstroke, you have to care about every step. A single mistaken step may cost your dog very high.
  1. If you see your dog having diarrhoea or vomiting, take it to the professional. Do not suppose that such condition is alright or less threatening and requires no special attention. Take it to the doctor at once; or else you may regret it. Do not compromise with the health of your dog. Even if it looks okay, visit its doctor for a routine check-up.
  1. Before you take your dog to the veterinarian, you have to make sure that you are pre-cooling the car. This step is necessary because if you are taking your dog out of home, he might get the same heat stroke again. And so pre-cooling your car is an efficient way to avoid it.

10. Also, immediately before going to the doctor, you have to call him and let him know about the situation. If you take your dog all the way long and keep it sitting outside the chamber of the doctor, it will get sick again. So, you have to make sure that the doctor makes time for your dog as fast as he can. Also, taking your dog back home as fast as possible is necessary. It is more comfortable at home than in other places and so, you have to keep this in mind.

Wrap Up


If you own a dog, you know why a dog is called the best friend. A dog supports you and stays with you whenever you need. And if it is sick, you should be careful about your decision. You have to make sure that all the steps we have mentioned above are done properly.

Heatstroke treatment for dogs always requires first-aid because before you take your dog to a professional, you have to keep it awake and better. If you do not go through these steps properly, the situation will deteriorate.

If you feel that the first aid treatment is needed, you must work on all the steps. However, if your dog is weaker for heatstroke, you have to be careful enough to take it to a professional not wasting any time. 

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