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Dogs are like children, they stay with you and you love them no matter what. As your baby grows up, it starts speaking and you get to know what it wants. But that’s not the case with dogs. Dogs cannot speak and if you want to pet a dog, you have to listen to the unsaid! 

Yes, you have to read between the lines. While owning a dog is tough if you are not patience, some simple tricks will help you a lot to understand your dog. 

Dogs have both good and bad sorts of behaviors. Here, we are going to talk about the most common dog’s behaviors that you need to understand. If you understand these, you will get to know your dog and you can keep your dog mentally and physically wealthy and contented.

How Dogs Behave: Absolute Guide for Understanding your Dog


Dog barking is a very common dog’s behavior. However, barking might refer to different requirements of dogs. According to Stanley Coren, a psychologist of HOW DOGS THINK, dog’s behavior depends on how long the dog barks. 



When it comes to barking, dogs basically bark so that they can raise an alarm of any sort of possible dangers. In this case, if a dog is in your house and it sees any danger, it will bark. 


At cases, braking is a sign of the appearance of newcomers. If any newcomer enters your house, the dog will bark. This is how a dog can protect your house. If it senses that the newcomers are going to harm you, it will save you. 


However, there are other aspects of barking too. If you are not always at home and you are leaving your dog in your house, it can feel bored. In this case, you will see your dog barking continuously. 

If your dog is bored, it will keep barking and won’t stop. No matter whether you feed it good food or not, it will keep barking. If your dog is going through this phase, try to entertain it! Yes, entertaining it will help you out in such circumstances. 


When you see your dog barking over and over again, you can guess that it is scared of something. There are stories, people or things that can make your dog frightened. Suppose you have an amazing dog and one day it is playing. One of your neighbors starts shouting with a stick in her hand. If the dog gets afraid once, it will remain afraid for a very long time. After this, whenever it sees your neighbor or the stick, it will get scared and will bark! 


Your dog can also bark when it is confused. Take a look at its behavior and watch out if there is anything that is making it confused. When you give it options to choose something or do things, if it is confused, it will look at you again and again and will bark. Do not always help it out in every difficulty. Make it understand that it has to decide the better itself.


Do you know how dogs sweat? As we are humans, we sweat through the skin of our body. However, dogs have fur and they cannot sweat through their skin. So, for sweating, they use the pads of their feet. On the other hand, for expelling the head of their body, they use their mouths. While they expel the heat, they start panting. So, you can already understand that if the temperature is not suiting your dog and it’s hot out there, your dog will start panting. In such cases, try to take your dog to a cool place where he will find it comfortable. 

Temperature is a common reason for dogs panting. There are also other reasons for panting too. If your dog has any cuts or scratches, it will try to cope with that. If it is going through any sort of pain, it will try to deal with it. These processes are related to dog’s panting. If your dog pants, it refers to its coping ability when it is in pain!  


Alright, there are people who get really confused about this behavior of their dogs. In most cases, dogs prefer to jump when they are happy. When dogs usually meet their previous owners, they will jump in happiness. YouTube has a lot of videos where you see the owner coming back to the house after a long period and the dogs express their happiness towards them by jumping. There are dogs that jump over you when they are happy. They do not get into your lap but they try to touch your face and body with their paws. This is an amazing way to express their enthusiasm. 

On the other hand, bad behavior in dogs also includes jumping. Other than expressing enthusiasm, jumping may refer to other requirements too. When they jump up again and again, you can think that your dog is trying to claim its dominance over you. Here, if you understand this, you have to stop encouraging this behavior. In this case, it wants to dominate you. If you see such behavior, don’t make light of it. Also, do not encourage your dog to continue this behavior. 

If your dog continues behaving in such manner and you keep encouraging this, you are unintentionally reinforcing the behavior of your dog. If you want to know the difference, you can go through some online videos that will tell you the difference between dogs jumping in excitement and dogs jumping for dominating you. 


Dogs bite and that’s their nature. This is basically a way of a dog’s communication. By biting someone, they want to express their state of mind. Dogs sometimes bite in a funny way. You have to understand the difference between a dog biting in a fun-way and a dog biting in a harsh way that hurts you. If your dog is biting your hands or feet slowly, you can understand that it is basically expressing affection towards you. 

However, if you know dog behavior problems aggression, you must have seen dogs biting people and hurt them really bad. By biting hard, your dog expresses aggression. Along with aggression, biting can also mean fear. Being afraid of something it will come to you and will bite you. In this way, it tells you to save it from a danger or any sort of frightening stuff. On the other hand, if your dog is nervous, it can start biting you. Nervousness is another factor related to biting. If your dog bites you continuously and stays close to you, know that it may be feeling nervous and insecure. You have to guard it as it seeks. Protect it and make it feel that you are around it. 


If your dog is chewing anything, that is an indicator that it is trying to cope in. When the new set of teeth comes out, a dog goes through pain in their mouth. In this case, chewing something will make it easier for the dogs to cope with the pain. 

The previous case is for the puppies. What is the fact about the full-grown dogs chewing stuff? 


If you own a dog, at times, you will see your dog chewing your shoes. It can chew the corner of the couch or cushions too. There are people who think that dogs bite or chew shoes or cushions because they love the taste. But there is nothing like this. Here, you have to go through dog behavior problems and solutions. If your grown up dog is in any sort of anxiety, it will chew things. 


Ever seeing your dog going to the yard and digging soil, will let you understand that this is the regular nature of dogs. They grow this behavior when they want to hide their food. It also helps them to get shelter from excessive heat. 


This is a common story about dogs. Yes, dogs love licking their owners as they like to taste the person who feeds him. Moreover, a dog wants attention from the owner or wants the owner to feed him!


There are situations where dogs steal objects like foods, cans or garbage, etc. These dog training behavior problems are tough to deal with. Do not encourage your dog to do it. Go after it and always keep an eye on its activities.  Tell it to leave the object it is stealing. Go to a dog trainer to train it in such cases. 

There are situations where dogs steal objects like foods, cans or garbage, etc. These dog training behavior problems are tough to deal with. Do not encourage your dog to do it. Go after it and always keep an eye on its activities.  Tell it to leave the object it is stealing. Go to a dog trainer to train it in such cases. 

Wrap Up 

When you own a dog, you have to understand everything he says. Yes, they can’t talk and it is your responsibility to understand him. In most cases, owners avoid problems in the dog’s behavior. But if you want your dog to be healthy mentally and physically, you must know the gestures of your dog.

To parent a dog it is must for you to underdtand it. Since it can’t talk in human language, you must understand its gestures. Many owners neglect or remain callous about dog behaviors. But to own and keep a healthy dog- both mentally and physically- unerstanding its acts and behaviors has no alternative.

Go through these common dog’s behaviors and know your dog. It deserves all your love and affection! 

Saleh Ahmed

Saleh Ahmed

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