11 Tips for How to Keep a Dog Cool in Summer


Summertime has many individuals making a trip outside to appreciate the warm days and burns from the sun. In the event that you have a canine, however, you may wish or be bound to take him out with you. Luckily, you can take him along on practically any experience as long as you avoid potential risk. See our 11 professional tips discussed below on keeping your dog cool in summer.

Access to Water


Your canine consumes a lot of water. So at home or in the garden, this can simply show that you need to have a lot of water bowls specked around. This ensures your pet refills the loss of liquid in its body at all places that it roams in. Adding ice to them can help keep water cool and that can urge your canine to drink more water. 

Make sure that you carry cold water bottle for both yourself and your canine when you’re out during hot summer days. Carrying collapsible bowls will add to your convenience; you can fly those out, fill with water, make your dog drink it and collapse those again.

Use a Fan

A fan can do a lot to make and keep your dog cool. When at home, an electric fan does this job with flying colors. But what about the time that you’re out in the open sun? Accept that you are one of the lucky human beings to have born in this age. You don’t have to rely on hand fan alone; there’s charger fans in multiple options that can help you keep your hands free and yet cool your dog sufficiently. And not to feel bad, because you can enjoy the cool air too!

Use Cold Packs, Wraps and Tangles

Keep your pooch cool in blistering climate by using cooling ice packs or cooling towels, cooling mats. You can do this in a number of ways. You can get cooling towels and tangles. Simply soak them in cold water and wrap your dog with those. That’ll reduce the heat from the dog’s body.

An ice pack can be held on the dog’s neck. It will likewise lower the temperature of your pet. You may also have a coat soaked in cold water and put it on your dog. Cold water will visit through its fur and skin giving relief from the heat.

Give Various Cold Treats

Apart from the certain differences, dogs have the similar tastes and habits to those of humans. They like yogurts, frozen food items such as apple, watermelon and so on. As you treat your dog with these, they not only give nutrition and enjoyment to it, but also aids its health during hot summer.

Protective boots

Keeping your dog cool is not only about applying something cold on it and reducing the accumulated heat in its body. The job can be done by preventing heat as well. Remember, animals absorb heat from the surrounding they loiter in. Concrete paths are one of those things. As your dog walks, the heat of the streets easily passes into its body. Protective boots can prevent the temperature from getting into your dog.

Sprinkler or paddling pool

Simply arrange some sort of water pool around; and your dog will manage to cool itself. Dogs undoubtedly love playing in water. In addition, they have a natural urge to experience something comforting when they feel hot. Your dog’s instinct will lead them into the water pool around when the days are burning. Just check regularly if the water is cool enough and properly cleaned.

Lots of shade

Just like arranging water pools, you can arrange sufficient shady regions where your dog can run to from the fiery eyes of the sun. This also is supposed to happen from its instincts even if you don’t train this to it or instruct it to do so. Shades can be created by the means of plants, trees or some sort of artificial roof. Your dog will enjoy playing hide and seek with the sun.

Weight Loss

Don’t assume that warmth increases only due to external factors. Your dog can have fat piled up in its body that makes it feel extremely hot. If you pamper it too much by feeding all fatty food and not making it exercise enough, before experiencing several diseases it’ll have to experience heat beyond tolerance. Thus, do things so its weight remains within range.


Long hair traps the heat of a dog’s body and it feels the burn from within. Trim your pet’s hair regularly making sufficient space for the heat to pass out; your dog will feel cool.

Make It Exercise When It’s Cool

Summer should not bar your dog from playing, enjoying or remaining fit. Exercise and games must go on. But you must regulate these activities properly. Let your dog exercise when the heat of the day is tolerable. Monitor its attitude to decide when to stop it.

Never leave in parked car

A very usual practice with us is to not leave our pet dogs at home, carry them along in our car and then leave them in the car to go away for some tasks˗ might for a short while. But maybe you have no idea how quickly the inside of a car gets heated when not running. Such cases can be even fatal for the dog. So, make sure that you never walk away from your car with your pet companion inside.

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